A Primary School teaching assistant shares the struggles she is facing, as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Some teachers have found themselves struggling to cope already, with the minimized amount of students and having to attempt social distancing within that environment.

There is a greater focus on PE, taking place in primary schools that are still open with social distance in practice also. Schools have remained open for ulnerable Children. Those with Educational Health Plans and Children of Key Workers.


Jose Mugisha – Primary School (TA)


Jose Mugisha, a Primary School Teaching Assistant at a 1 Form Entry primary school in London. Describes the hardships she’s facing, whilst having to teach during the Coronavirus outbreak.


“… and it’s VERY hard to KIND OF control”


“At the moment, we have about 12 kids in the school. We’ve tried to social distance as much as we can, but obviously, that proves to be hard because when we get to the playground or lunchtime, they end up mingling.”

The Government has announced that schools are likely to reopen after the half term – beginning June 1st but this shall be reviewed until then. Depending on the R number (The rating on the disease’s spreading) this plan should go ahead.

It will begin reopening in a phased stage. Where only, the essential Year Groups shall resume. Nursery, Preschools, Reception, Year 1, and Year 6 in order to prepare students for their adjustment to secondary school in the next coming academic year and younger kids. As well as, Year 10 and 12 pupils who have essential exams next year.

“I Don’t know how we’re going to be able to deal with it and manage…feeling stressed out getting worried you might get something. ”


Jose believes it will prove difficult when schools resume completely, as the school practices have already had to change – whilst having only a certain amount of pupils in the school.

She relays how the staff within the school, have alternate rotas so that teachers are able to social distance with the number of teachers in.

However, it may be putting more pressure upon teachers once schools resume. As they will have to take greater measures to ensure social distance is occurring with more children.

It is hoped that schools will be able to reopen earliest in June.