Social distancing has meant places of worship closing and many churches have had to find alternative ways of continuing their services, so they have gone online.

Heart Church in Nottingham is one of the many Churches that have done this, live-streaming pre-recorded services on Youtube during service times at 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM.

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Sarah Allin – Worshipping at Heart

Sarah Allin is a Kids, Youth, and Worship Team Volunteer within the church. She talks about how she and the Church is managing now it is online.


“A Key thing in Moving Church Online is to keep the engagement. Live chats are really important.”


People have been discussing how Coronavirus could affect Christian practices when churches are allowed to reopen. For example, Communion (having to be in close proximity to share bread and wine). Tightly-packed seating in churches is also a challenge.

Whilst some people would prefer services to be continuing, the Church and other places of Worship have respected the government’s regulations and advice to stay at home.

The first online service of Heart Church Online is linked below.

The government has suggested that there will be a three-stage plan for Churches to resume as normal. Depending on how much the lockdown measures are eased over time.

First Stage – Online Live Streams
Second Stage – Some Festivals and Ceremonies being able to continue
Third Stage – Limited Congregation Gatherings

The Hospitality sector – Restaurants, Nightclubs, Gyms, and Churches are amongst one of the last stages to reopen, due to the limitations of how many people would gather. Places of worship will congregate together again in the future.