Lockdown restrictions mean hairdressers and barbers have closed, so many people are taking it into their own hands to give themselves a trim.

Social media has witnessed a range of different isolation haircuts with some being a lot more sensible than others. And with the quarantine cut not always meeting expectations, it is rather handy that none of us have any immediate plans.

And more selfie haircuts will continue because the government’s plans to gradually ease the restrictions say that industries such as hairdressers cannot open before the 4th July.

And due to this restriction, barbers have been making sure that their clients are as educated as they can be before committing to the ‘coronacut’ with many videos online giving step by step instructions of how to perform a haircut correctly.


“one client wants to see me before his family after lockdown” tom moore- barber

Barber Tom Moore says that he found it hard to watch videos online of his clients shaving their head. And he says his clients are always on the phone asking him questions one said he was more excited to see Tom than his family after lock down.

However, not all of the haircuts being performed by the public are out of mere boredom and desperation. Jake Staples, a student from Nottingham, decided to shave his hair in order to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. He felt that lockdown was the right time to get rid of his hair and was a good way to raise money for an important cause.

Jake Staples, front , having his head shaven for charity

And it’s not just the public doing their own haircuts at home. Australian singer Cody Simpson revealed his new shaven head which was the work of his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus.

With just under two months before 4th July, it is likely that we are going to be seeing many more people cutting their own hair before the barbers re-open.