In these unprecedented times, universities have been forced to close for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Face-to-face teaching has stopped as has students’ access to university equipment, i.e. access to student libraries, computers and other learning facilities.

Many students are finding its hard to stay motivated during the pandemic.

Cathy Chase, Programme Leader at MMU


Programme Leader of Fashion Buying and Merchandising at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Mrs Cathy Chase, explained how her team has adapted to keep students engaged during these times.


“the coronavirus has given us a completely different way of working.”
cathy chase, programme leader of fashion buying and merchandising at mmu

”The coronavirus has given us a completely different way of working. Rather than doing face-to-face learning, we have had to move online so we have managed to put all our lectures online and whilst it’s difficult…we’ve had to be inventive in the way that we’ve done it.”

Chloe Baxendale, 20, a second year student at MMU studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising has found the initial move to online studying challenging.

Chloe Baxendale, second year student at MMU


She says, ”At the start, I found it really difficult starting my work…”

Baxendale added that her peers have also found it challenging but added ”…everyone is in the same boat.”

Sadly, even though measures have been put in place to ensure that all students can access the course online, the epidemic has meant that practical elements have not been able to continue.

The annual Trade Fair at MMU which allows students to showcase their work to invited industry guests, staff and parents has been cancelled.

“we can’t do that anymore because of the pandemic…which would have been a great experience.”
chloe baxendale, second year student at mmu

Baxendale says, ”We were meant to have a Trade Fair and that would have been a great experiencevbut we can’t do that anymore because of the pandemic.”

It is clear that both lecturers and students are trying to adapt during these uncertain times.

The university will remain closed for the foreseeable future.