This is Ellie being homeschooled by her parents.

With schools closed many parents are now new teachers. Since the lockdown, home schooling is a new and difficult challenge faced by parents as well as teachers across the country.

The pandemic has made it especially hard for parents and teachers to teach their kids in isolation. Homeschooling is something that requires a lot of patience, hard work and discipline. Not everyone is capable of doing such a great job at such a difficult time. There is a lot of pressure and responsibility on both teachers and parents when it come to teaching at home.

“i don’t think it is fair to be asking parents to do homeschooling, partIcularly with younger kids”


One of the struggles of homeschooling for teachers is having to constantly multi-task. Teachers are expected to continue teaching from home while having to parent their own children as well as their students online. The pressure is high and some parents and some teachers are finding it difficult to cope. For example, some teachers are ill and, therefore, can’t manage to do homeschooling. This is the same for parents.

Paul and Emily Hughes, from Peterborough, are a married couple who are both teachers and parents to 3 children.


Emily believes there is not enough guidance from the government. Emily says most people don’t know how to homeschool and there are not enough resources. As a result it causes unnecessary stress for some parents so they tend to just give up on homeschooling.


The reality of homeschooling in a picture

The lockdown has been in place since late March, so this leaves students with three weeks of missing school. Emily says it’s having a big impact on both parents and teachers.

At this point in time, most people are likely to be dealing with other issues such as family, work and business and having to homeschool students and children during a pandemic is a tough struggle for both teachers and parents.

the struggles of homeschooling:

  • Stressfull
  • Confusing
  • Having to multitask
  • Not knowing how to homeschool
  • Can make teacher and parents Anxious and worried