Bewdley resident, Ellie Hooper,  has used her passion of crocheting to spread joy across the Worcestershire town, by making hundreds of rainbows to raise money for local food banks.

Since the beginning of April, Ellie Hooper has raised more than £1000 for local charities by making more than 400 rainbows for people living in and around Bewdley.

(IMAGE: Juliette Brooke) Ellie Hooper with some of her Crochet rainbows.

“I wanted to do something nice and bright to cheer people up”

Ellie Hooper, Bewdley Crocheter

Ellie wanted to brighten the town with her Crochet rainbows.


-Ellie Hooper, Bewdley Crocheter

The Rainbows are attached to the railings by the river Severn in Bewdley

Having lived in the Worcestershire town, for several years, Ellie says she wanted to do “something nice and bright to cheer people up”, whilst also raising money for people locally in need of food.

The crochet rainbows can be collected in an unusual way by those who have ordered them. In keeping with social distance guidelines, Ellie unravels a rope with from her upstairs window and using clothes pegs, lowers the rainbows to the customer waiting below.

(IMAGE: Samantha Smith) The Rainbows are lowered down from a rope.

To begin with, Ellie hung up several of her handmade rainbows on the railings by the river outside her house with the intention of making a “public display of hope, enlightenment and community” for people living in the town.

However, after her neighbours showed interest in the crochet rainbows, she decided to begin taking orders over the phone, email and on Facebook.


Following the success of the rainbows, Ellie has now set up a “make-your-own rainbow” kit available to order on her Facebook page, which includes everything needed to crochet them from home.

(IMAGE: Ellie Hooper) Rainbow Crocheting kits can now be bought to make at home


Ellie is continuing to take orders of rainbows and rainbow crochet kits through email, phone and Facebook, and the pattern for the rainbows can be downloaded for free on her Facebook page HERE.