Although COVID-19 has taken over the world, some people are using the pandemic as a valuable opportunity to have some time to invest in what matters the most.

Prior to outbreak of the virus people all over the planet were tuned into their normal everyday lives. From children going to school to parents going to work to businesses developing and the industry along with the economy and politics running smoothly but all of a sudden there comes a pause.

Now that it is mandatory for people to stay inside to protect themselves as well as everyone else, people are free to fill their time with other activities. For instance, parents get to spend time with their children to build better relationships while others can meditate, read books, exercise and just enjoy each other’s company.

“We all needed this to like come together as a community which has been really lovely.”

Natalie west

Natalie, mum of two, from Surrey, talks about her personal, positive experience during the lockdown.


Natalie uses her Instagram to inspire and motivate people during the lockdown.

People are using this time as the perfect chance to learn new things – a hobby, a skill, a new business idea, anything that is close to their heart and this pandemic is the perfect time for people to be learning.

Family time is definitely a bright side to this lockdown. Most people do not remember the last time they had so much time to spend with their family. So, this is the best time for everyone to have that moment to reflect and discuss about a lot of things with one another, for which people usually do not get the time to.


Here Natalie explains how her and her family have been staying connected. She thinks it is important for people to communicate and check up on their friends and family during such a difficult time.


People are doing family quiz nights through video calls, game nights and challenges such as 30 day lego challenge, the 5k run nomination on social media in order to donate five pound and raise money for NHS charities. Other activities include gardening, cooking home made meals and delivering it to peoples door. Perhaps, this was needed to bring communities together and create changes for better.

The era of no cars and long walks has began, together everyone can get through this. stay positive people, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. For similar articles click on the links below:–the-seven-rules/


Ways to stay positive;

  • Check up on your family and friends
  • Exercise
  • Read books
  • learn a new hobby
  • Start cooking
  • Enjoy family time