Rhys Wookey having his hair cut from home.

Since the lockdown began, it seems a fair few of us have taken cutting hair into our own hands. It’s fair to say we’ve seen some terrible haircuts this past month which makes us grateful that we won’t be leaving the house all that much.

From fringes and fades to shaving the lot off, we’ve certainly seen some interesting efforts. Most have walked away with something half decent on their head but many of those that have tried have failed.

If you’re considering picking up the clippers, I suggest you take a look at the following video first:

As shown in the video, there are many methods that can be used to tackle the trim but for those who are less confident, it might be worth waiting for the professionals.

“Ideally, don’t cut your own hair!”

Melanie mitchell, Hairstylist, Cardiff

It seems that life at home has also pushed many to shaving their heads completely to avoid the hassle of keeping their hair tidy. An example of someone who has braved the shave is David Beckham as seen below:

Many will argue that some men just don’t suit the hairless look but I think we can all agree, like most things, Becks can pull it off.

Although it may seem that shaving the lot off is a practical thing to do, Tobias Friedl from Cardiff claims that shaving his head has resulted in a different issue presenting itself:

So if you’re thinking about cutting the whole lot off, maybe that will change your mind.