Stricter restrictions being put in place during the coronavirus outbreak has means life has become more difficult for older people.

The government’s advice is that anyone over the age of 70 should reduce social interaction in order to reduce the chance of the virus spreading because their age makes them particularly high risk.

This advice has been seen to create a moral panic with some of the population who are excessively stockpiling on necessities. And with the elderly feeling too vulnerable to go shopping they have often found themselves staring at empty shelves.

Empty supermarket shelves

Getting essential goods safely is becoming increasingly difficult without putting themselves at great risk.

Jean Turner, from Sutton Coldfield, says she feels worried about contracting the virus and feels that by doing her shopping she is putting herself and others in danger so she doesn’t want to leave the house to go shopping but feels that she “has no choice”.


“We are putting ourselves at great risk ” JEAN TURNER

However, there has been widespread acts of kindness sweeping the nation with many people volunteering to go and collect food for those who are at high risk of contracting coronavirus.

This generous and kind attitude has been replicated by many of the public. One teenager from Sutton Coldfield took it upon himself to offer his services to the elderly. Harry Smith made leaflets that outlined a variety of different ways he can help those most vulnerable during this current pandemic.


Harry Smith says how during the difficult times he wanted to help people in a similar situation to his grandparents who have been advised to isolate. He added that lockdown is  a scary time but reiterated the importance of people following the advice and rules set by the government.

“a bit of kindness can make someone’s day a little easier ” Harry smith, volunteer

With the likelihood of lockdown being extended further being very high , it is likely that good deeds such as this are crucial to our older generation so that they have all the essentials they need.