A local community in the south of the Cotswolds has taken a positive spin amongst the pandemic and has come together to show their support and love for the NHS and all other key workers who are keeping the nation going.

With a small population of 800, Horsley, Gloucestershire, has put up handmade heart shaped flags representing the strong community this village has and how a very small action can go a long way in lifting the spirits and thanking those fighting the virus.

Reporter Tasha Wait on the Hearts of Horsley


The idea started from one resident in the village, Rosa Verge, who put up the flag which is displayed below, she made her flag herself and now has been making more for people in the village, and even sending some to Bristol.

first flag to be put up, along the road B4058

Members of the community then quickly followed, coming together and showing solidarity within these unprecedented times. Creativity flowed through the village leading to many unique and special hearts popping up over the village.

In small communities like these word spreads around quickly, even walking around the village taking photos, its amazing to see, especially with current circumstances life can easily become very negative, adding a positive twist.

The aim for the village was to try achieve 100 flags. However this has been passed and has reached 158 and still counting. The impact of this idea has now started to hit nearby towns, who have joined in to show there support.

In times like this, where everyone is struggling with the unknown and what the future may hold, this gives people a very positive distraction.

Members around the area are going on walks to see the hearts and take pictures, getting them out the house, while still maintaining social distancing measures.

Speaking to one member of the community, Hilary Wait, she explains the impact of the flying hearts and how important it is for the community.

Hilary Wait posing with her heart

These flags can be made from simple materials that can be found around the house, here are some ideas

Fabrics, can be scraps that you have lying around and use together to add lots of colour

Cardboard, adds different material and texture

Shoe laces, Ribbon, String

Coloured markers and pens

Old bed sheets, can dye them

Stitching, into fabric to create words and patterns


#clapforkeyworkers is a strong example of how the nation is coming together. Every Thursday at 8pm across the UK, people are going to their doorsteps, into their gardens or opening their windows and clapping  to show their appreciation to those who are on the frontline dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

The impacts of the coronavirus outbreak is showing us the importance of community support and how important it is to our wellbeing. So even if its you clap every Thursday, or flying a heart next to your house, its important to show pride in your community and country in this unique time.