Sharleen Linton has worked with stars such as Jennifer Hudson

Business owners have been describing what they are doing to survive these difficult times.

A number of business owners wanted to share their story of how they are coping in this time, and many are positive.

Mud Orange Founders Ala Uddin and Arif Miah

Mud Orange, an agency set up to support Islamic individuals in creative industries, said their first thoughts when lockdown was announced were of their staff. The business which has not only had to survive lockdown but was also launched during it, had to quickly reorganise work flow. However, at the forefront of their minds was reminding themselves and their staff to ensure they were taking time to focus on themselves and process the way the world was changing.

Ala Uddin, co-founder of Mud Orange, speaks about his concerns for staff in lockdown

Angelica Malin, founder of ‘About Time Magazine’

Angelica Malin founder of ‘About Time Magazine’ spoke about the worry of many business owners of using government bailouts and weighing up the costs against the benefits.

Angelica explained that the issue for many business owners is that their business is their “baby or their passion” and therefore don’t want to risk losing it or stop working due to furloughing themselves.

Angelica Malin speaks about her concerns of using government help


A Wink Lashes Customer

Angelica’s sentiment of not wanting to abandon your passion project was echoed by Imogen Pittaway, a 21 year old eye-lash technician and owner of ‘Wink Lashes‘ explained that the beauty industry was hit well before lockdown even happened. She had to keep customers and herself safe.

Imogen explained that although her business is not old enough to receive government help that she feels ‘lucky’ to have been in such an early stage of her business as she did not rely on it for her sole income, saying she ‘can’t imagine’ being in that situation at the moment.

“it’s been pretty wonderful actually”
Sharleen Linton, My vocal therapy

Sharleen Linton is a vocal and public speaking coach who has had to move her business ‘My Vocal Therapy’ online. Already having had international and public speaking clients online it was simple for Sharleen to make the transition. “Its been pretty wonderful actually because it’s allowed me to really serve them from the comfort of my home.”

Sharleen has found that she has much more time to give to her clients as she spends less time travelling. This positive outcome for her business was not what Sharleen had initially predicted as she explained there was a moment of anxiety but she has managed to overcome this to find a new normal.

Sharleen Linton speaks about overcoming her lockdown anxiety

Rachida Benamar founder of Rama Publishing

Rachida Benamar founded Rama publishing. She spoke about her experiences running her own business during the pandemic. “When lockdown was announced I felt relief”. Rachida described herself as someone who “likes to know where they stand” and therefore felt relieved when lockdown was announced as she finally felt she had been given a clear idea of what was going on.

Rachida went on to say that it did not align with her own values to continually put pressure on the postal service during this time by continuing online. “I thought one month we can go with no online orders”, she said that it may have been naive to think that lockdown would only last a month but that this was her decision and she does not regret it.