Rainbow drawings as a tribute for the NHS

It has never been a more important time for the people of Britain to come together as a nation and support each other in our communities. We have seen thousands of people volunteering and donating – showing the kindness and generosity of the British public.

Certain individuals have also gone above and beyond ,with Captain Tom Moore, a  World War II veteran, capturing the hearts of the nation as he completed 100 laps around his garden in time for his hundredth birthday.

He has raised a staggering £25 million for the NHS, showing just how much our nation has come together in a time of crisis.

We have also seen thousands of people on the social media platform Instagram take part in the run for heroes campaign, where you run five kilometres, donate £5 and then nominate five other people to take part.

” The 5km run has allowed me to contribute to the nhs as well as doing something fun and active during this time”
Lillie Jenkins


This challenge has seen 800,000 people of all running abilities put their trainers on and donate to NHS workers.

Lillie Jenkins has taken part in the challenge and believes it is a great way for the British public to raise money and stay active:

Lillie Jenkins staying active








During this crisis, we have proven that as a nation we can still pull together and help one another. From volunteering, raising money or taking part in challenges on social media, we are all doing our bit for Britain.