Despite most Brits being confined to the comfort of their own homes, many students are living in lockdown alone, stranded at university.

When UK universities announced they would move to online teaching, many students decided to travel home to live with their families during lockdown. For others, travelling home from university was not an option.

“It does get lonely”
Zach Omitowoju, International Student

Zach Omitowoju, 19, a media production student at Nottingham Trent University, is living on campus during the coronavirus crisis as he could not return home to Nigeria before the UK entered lockdown.

He said: “It wasn’t nice to not have gone home, but I am thankful that I didn’t and my family members are because that might have posed a bigger problem getting into the country later on.

Zach (left) is glad that one of his flat mates is also living on campus during the lockdown.

“Mentally, I think I’m doing very well as I’ve been occupying myself by reading, listening to music as well as taking walks and trying to get on with coursework.

“However, I will admit it does get lonely, that does suck and I do feel that it hit me quite hard but there are a couple of other students still here,” he added.

Despite keeping positive about living on a deserted campus, Zach admitted: “It’s been tough adjusting to online classes. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to work my way around.”

Zach’s advice to other students living at university during lockdown

The UK Government says students should self-isolate for 14 days if another person in their shared home or hall of residence has symptoms of COVID-19. Further government advice for students still living on campus can be found on their website.

Samuel Bennett-Fuller, 20, a student at the University of Winchester, is also staying in university accommodation with two of his house mates during lockdown. Samuel said: “About a week before the lockdown started I got quite ill and I was showing a lot of symptoms of coronavirus.

“When the lockdown started, I didn’t want my parents to come and pick me up because if I did have it and I passed it onto them, then I would obviously feel quite bad.

“It’s very weird not being able to go and see my other friends to chat and catch up… but I know it’s all necessary,” Samuel added.

Students are being advised to reach out to their university’s support services or friends and family if they are struggling mentally. Mental health charity Young Minds are also offering their services to students in need of support.