After three weeks of lockdown ,the government have extend the lockdown to another three which fro some people means being stuck at home fro a total of six weeks or even more.

Coronavirus  has effected all aspects of our lives , and with the never ending news about the pandemic it can be very daunting for some people. it is not only impacting our physical health but also on some peoples mental health. however , it is very important to look after our mental wellbeing.

The big questions is what can you do to keep occupied  whilst lockdown in your homes. well there are many things, but one thing you many not of thought of is why not learn a new hobby or craft.knitting  is very  good still to have and there are many knitting community that allows you to join free  and give you free advice.

Ravelry is a worldwide community and is free to join. it has free- patterns and lots of forums for advice and knit – alongs.


Andrea Hull,49 from Lincolnshire is a member of Ravelry and due to  having to be lockdown as her husband is  on the vulnerable list and their for she is shielding  him . she has got her wool and needle’s out again and has been making  many things such as socks and many other piece of clothing. she learnt how to knit when she was a young girl from her grandma , and is now using her skills to keep her mind active whilst lockdown.

Andrea has been using her amazing knitting skills  to help the NHS. With so many of the NHS staff wearing  mask for long hours Andrea has join many other people and has been making  ear protectors , they are also know as button bands.

Mrs Hull is not the only one who has been knitting andm aking things for our NHS heroes, many other people have join her. other people all over the uk have been making things such as wash bags and headbands for the NHS and social worker staff.

Shoutout to Maggie Dixon and Rose Hayes who have made 520 headbands and over 500 wash bags for #NHS staff 👏

Posted by Solihull Updates on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

For many people who are struggling with look down , knitting is a very affordable and easy way to keep your brain active  whilst lockdown. knitting has been said  to have many benefits such as :

  • it has the same benefits of meditation
  • it helps improve motor functions in the body.
  • it slows cognitive decline.



Here is a knitting for beginners video to inspire anyone who is finding lockdown  difficult and could do with learning an amazing new hobby and keeping their mind active and healthy.