(Image: Which.uk)

The UK government is asking everyone to stay home apart from key workers.  People who work in supermarkets fall into this category and  are continuing to work, with many feeling anxious about putting themselves at risk of catching coronavirus.

Staff at many of the nation’s biggest supermarket chains, have had to make changes to their normal work routines to increase protection for themselves as well as customers.

“The main difficulty is people not listening to instruction”

SAm Wardley, spar Sales Assistant

Most shops are limiting the number of people allowed inside at one time, causing customers to queue outside.

Stickers that have been put on the floor in Tesco to ensure social distancing.

Sam Wardley, is a sales assistant at SPAR in Felixstowe, he’s been speaking about how much more difficult his job has been made by social distancing rules.

“We have to shut the shop for an hour on delivery days to put all the stock out without getting too close to customers. Now,  we only get an hour to do a job which would normally take us around four.”

“The main difficulty is people not listening to instruction, and an overwhelming amount of that bracket are elderly people who are most at risk.”

Freddy King, a Produce colleague at Tesco in Somerset, explains his experiences of working during a pandemic.

Staff in many supermarket chains including SPAR and Tesco, wear visors and gloves to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Uniforms in Tesco have been modified to spread awareness of the distancing measures.

“Since these measures have been put in place I feel a lot more comfortable working at Tesco” says Freddy King, a Produce Colleague from Somerset.