Charlotte Arbon, self-employed child minder

A self-employed childminder has described the struggles she is facing due to not being able to claim any money while the UK is in lockdown.

Members of the public who are self-employed have a different system to go through to claim money than those who work for a company. However, this has left people facing some tough challenges.

“We have no money coming in from my side so my husband’s having to pay for everything”

Charlotte Arbon – ChildMinder

Mrs Charlotte Arbon, a self-employed childminder, was looking to claim money. However, she is not eligible for these payments.

Working as a childminder does not count as a key worker so Mrs Arbon is out of work. She expressed the struggles this has caused her family financially: “We have no money coming in from my side so my husband’s having to pay for everything.”

Charlotte has also concerns for her career as a childminder as once restrictions are lifted she does not know if parents will continue using her services or if many parents will consider working from home more often.

Mrs Arbon said regaining the relationship with children will be difficult and she can see these challenging times having an impact for at least a year. She also feels not enough support is being given to those who are self-employed.

Many bigger companies are offering furlough pay to their staff members.

Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena has closed due to the coronavirus lockdown

Abigail Hanney, a merchandise retailer at the Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham was not expecting to be receiving furlough pay due to being on a zero-hours contract.

After being told she was able to receive furlough she said it was a “life saver” as she relies on that money to live while being a student.

Having the furlough pay has given her the chance to save up so she is financially secure for her third year of university while she stays at home.

To find out more information on Furlough pay and self-employed benefits, the Government website has pages to help those struggling through COVID-19.