Melissa scott said that the new lockdown measures had her feeling "overwhelmed and worried about the future"

The UK is adjusting to life under coronavirus lockdown but how is everyone coping behind closed doors?

For many people, not having the freedom to go see friends and family whenever you want has been the hardest thing to handle. But this hasn’t stopped people from having a good time as they have found new ways to have fun with friends and family while still following the government’s lockdown guidelines.

The Houseparty app has become very popular since lockdown started.

House party is a new trending app which is a face-to-face social network which allows users to connect with multiple friends and family in one call.

College student Daniel Obahor has become a regular user of the app since lockdown began and he said the app has allowed him to have a social life while still being at home.

 “it can  when be lonely when stuck indoors all day, so it’s nice to catch up with friends”  – DANIEL says (STUDENT)

Brits all over the country have also taken to social media to complete ‘challenges’ at home and then nominating others to do the same. Even through these strange times, people are trying to have a good time at home. One challenge that has trended globally is the #Toiletrollchallenge.

The #Toiletrollchallenge has gone viral on social media. 

However, not everyone is finding it as easy as others. Mental health has been a serious talking point with Covid-19 as people deal with grief, stress and anxiety during these troubling times. With the strict lockdown rules in place, it’s easy to get lonely.

Melissa Scott, 50, is a resident of Harrow which is one of the worst affected areas by Covid-19 in the UK. She said the lockdown meant she found herself feeling alone because she is unable to see her Father who is self-isolating because of a serious health condition.


How to stay positive during the Coronavirus crisis?

  • Savour the small moments: Even during lockdown you can appreciate the little things like the feeling of a warm shower.
  • Bond with your family: For those of us in family lockdown, it is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones
  • Stay active: Both physically and mentally you should stay active whether that means exercise or trying a new hobby
  • Follow a routine: It can be any routine, maybe even try a totally new one.
  • More support and guidance on what you can do to help your mental health and well-being visit GOV.UK