With many gyms closed all over the UK for the foreseeable future, many people are turning to home workouts to get them through the lock down.

Following the advice by the Government on the 20th March, many gyms were forced to closed due to the high risk of Coronavirus spreading. This has made it harder for people to exercise.

However this hasn’t stopped people coming up with home workouts  and using their one hour of outside exercise a day, to achieve the best result they can  People that are very active are still achieving goals and also keeping a well maintained and healthy body.

Check out these tips to get moving at home! More information on the below can be found via these links:This Girl Can -…

Posted by Springfield-Mind on Friday, March 27, 2020

Liam Smith 27,  from Leicestershire is a qualified personal trainer and a long distance runner. He has still been able to achieve high fitness level and complete many different types of exercises such as yoga, cycling and running.

Liam has been in lock down since March 19, due to not being at work as he works in retail. He has had to change how he exercises, and also made himself a little workout plan to be able to stick to some sort of routine.

Many other people have been encourage to do home workouts and to go outside and exercise once a day, as it helps keeps the body active, and makes people feel a lot more healthy than sitting around doing nothing.

  • You can reduce your risk of major health problem by 50%.
  • Improves you’re sleeping patterns.
  • Improves your metal health and mood.

The NHS have asked us to stay at home so they can save lives , however they still believe it is important for us to keep healthy and to keep exercising as much as we can.

For some people  it is hard to come up with a workout plan or to even know what exercises that can do. Here is a simple workout video  that includes exercises that are easy to do yet very effective.

Quick Full Body Workout

Even the UK's Fittest Man is finding ways to exercise at home. Give Zack George's workout a go

Posted by Myprotein on Friday, March 27, 2020