The M1 less than 24 hours after PMs lockdown request

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced strict regulations to stop the spread of Covid-19, but major motorways stay packed.

Leaving your home has been restricted to a list provided on the NHS website, with only essential trips being permitted. Motorways however have been busy with those taking journeys deemed unessential.

After travelling to pick up his girlfriend from university, 22 year old Connagh West, found he was surrounded by delivery trucks from companies that aren’t providing a service included on the list.

Connagh West, 22

It’s not just trucks still using motorways, cars are also making journeys. Many have argued that it is near impossible to not use their cars or leave their house.

The M1 from above

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have been in overdrive, shaming those who take to motorways and other roads with no real essential purpose.

Many are calling for stricter regulations from the Prime Minister, with some demanding patrols be put in place to stop careless journeys on motorways.

The NHS advises you to stay home unless you absolutely have to leave your home and once you do leave your home to remain 2 metres apart from others.

Stay home, save lives is the new mantra of the country. The UK are asking for more measures to ensure that staying home is plausible for the majority of the public.


For more information on COVID-19 and how to keep yourself and others safe visit the NHS website by clicking here.