Award winning cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason will also be performing on the livestream

An emergency hardship fund has been launched to help raise money for Nottingham creative freelancers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Light Hustle – which is a collaboration between Circle Of Light and Hockley Hustle – was going to take place on Saturday, April 4th, on Fishergate Point Centre for the Arts in Nottingham.

The Prime Minister’s public address on the nationwide lockdown has led to venues being closed and most upcoming performances cancelled.

The two local music organisations which are funded by the national charity Youth Music joined forces for the first time to bring us an all-day festival as part of the Youth Music Give-A-Gig Week programme.

”It won’t be a big financial support, but it will be something”
Tricia Gardiner, Circle of Light director

According to Tricia Gardiner, who is one of the Circle Of Light directors, the new Nottingham music festival was going to be the first event in the newly launched arts venue on Fishergate Point. However, she said she saw the cancellation of the Light Hustle festival coming:

Now, the gig is proceeding as a digital livestream festival which will be joined by various artists including Circle Of Light participants as well as Nottingham well-known artists Rob Green, Nina Smith, Natalie Duncan, Daudi Matsiko, Alfie Sharp and Youth music winner Mae Monypenny and many more.


Circle Of Light participants (Image: Emma Ford Photography)

Sheku Kanneh-Mason, the award winning cellist who performed at Pince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in 2018, has also signed up for the livestream.

The online event will be hosted by Nottingham comedian Mrs Green and aims to help raise a minimum of £5000 for the Go Fund Me campaign Nottingham Artist Fund to support self-employed musicians that are ”struggling to exist” during the pandemic.

Ben Welch as Mrs Green             (Image: The Production Exchange)

However, the fundraiser was originally not meant for that, as Hockley Hustle director Ben Welch explains:

Both directors hope to see many people tune in via the Hockley Hustle and Circle Of Light Facebook pages from 3pm and support the Notts music scene.   Tricia Gardiner said: ”It won’t be a big financial support, but it will be something.”