Turning on the TV, opening Twitter or just a friendly exchange between two people; there’s only one topic dominating the current media landscape.

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept out the normality out of the 24-hour news cycle, saturating our world into a stasis of repetition.

How many more infected? How many people have passed? What are the newest restrictions, are key questions answered throughout most news outlets.

CBS Network 10 news presenter Monika Kos believes this is a necessary step in educating the public.
(Monika Kos – CBS Network 10 speaks below)

Many networks constantly bombard their audiences with news presented in the same ways, without a consideration of the different demographics.

Generation Z has been portrayed in a bad light, being seen to ignore warnings from their respective governments. Broadcasting commentator David Smith says this comes down to how news is distributed to the age group.
(David Smith – broadcasting commentator speaks below){:name}

The main demand for COVID-19 news is driven by the devastating effect it has on every citizen worldwide. David believes the demand is so dominating, COVID-19 reportage can’t be left unattended.
(David Smith – broadcasting commentator speaks below){:name}

The public seemed to agree with this idea of news saturation; for various people, it was aspects of news reportage which allowed them to make up their minds.

(Vox Pops completed in keeping with social distancing rules.)

The toxicity of too much COVID-19 information can directly affect the mental health of the news consumer. Whether the quick fix from social media, or a long form current affair TV package, it can create a burden.

Sam McManus, as a broadcaster, and studying broadcast journalism understands the instantaneous nature of online news. He knows that quantity over quality of news can have adverse effects on an audience.
(Sam McManus – Broadcaster/ Broadcast Journalism Student comments below)

Nic Hayes, managing director of Media Stable, spoke to us today saying eventually, there be a shift in reportage. (paraphrased quote)

“In a while, there will be an increase in demand for more positive content… but the CONCENTRATION on this topic is NECESSARY.”
nic Hayes – Media Stable