Owner John Bowman about to open the shop, ready for the busy day ahead.

Post offices, also serving as convenience stores, have been busier than ever following the coronavirus outbreak with people avoiding large supermarkets to avoid contracting the virus.

Charlton Adam’s Post Office Stores in Somerset has been one of the those that has experienced a surge of extra customers. Usually quiet, the pandemic has stretched the proprietors to their limits and staying open seven days a week is taking a strain on them but they are doing it for their village.

Charlton Adam is home to approximately 600 people, most of whom are in walking distance of the post office.

Owners of the shop with their community award.

Owners of the post office, John and Christine Bowman, have been running the shop since 1983. John says they have been “a lot busier” as villagers are preferring not to travel to buy essentials or are having difficulties getting online shopping.

Mr and Mrs Bowman have found themselves travelling to the cash and carry warehouse everyday to stock up on products.

They say that, despite concerns amongst the community, the response from customers has been “very positive and understanding” overall.

“We are getting a lot of residents who don’t normally use us”, says

Owner John Bowman says he is not too concerned.

Emily Adams, a mother of four, lives in the village and relies heavily on the shop due to not being able to take her family to the supermarket anymore.

“I’ve started to appreciate the village shop much more,” she said.

Two other residents, Julie and Dave Cave, have been using the local shop since they moved to the village thirty years ago.

“They are an excellent example of community spirit”
– Julie cave, resident

Mr and Mrs Cave are loyal customers of the post office and they are amazed at how well the owners are coping. Julie Cave thinks that “they are an excellent example of community spirit”.

Visit ‘The Charltons’ website to find out more about their community and the shop’s opening times.


COVID-19 is a new illness that affects the respiratory system, and is caused by a virus called coronavirus. In the UK there have been more than 291,183 confirmed cases and 31,855 deaths.

Country                Confirmed       Recovered       Deaths
United Kingdom       29,183                 N/A               31,855
United States           1,364,517          210,485          282,872
Italy                            219,070             105,186          30,560
Spain                         224,390              136,166          26,621
China                          82,918                78,144            4,633