Pick up your knitting needles and start that long project. Social isolation means a lot of us have a lot of time on our hands.

The theory goes that you can master any skill if you dedicate 10,000 hours to it. This is still 417 days to master a skill,  but trying new things is a great way to kick the boredom.

There are many fun templates online to help create cool designs

Some will be blasting through the full Lord of the Rings trilogy, others will be starting that long term fitness plan that they never felt they had time for. Whatever it is, now is an amazing time to do it.

I asked people what new skills they are picking up whilst in isolation.

Based on the responses, I have curated a list of 20 tasks that you can do in isolation:

  1. Watch that long box set you never thought you could.
  2. Learn to cook.
  3. Knit.
  4. Create an isolation playlist, judge it by mood.
  5. Join an exercise plan.
  6. Start painting.
  7. Learn a language, there are many apps out there to help you.
  8. Do some home decorating (Amazon is your best friend)
  9. Learn to do the splits, it takes a while but its really cool when you can.
  10. Do an at home cocktail class, alcohol makes the world better.
  11. Cross stitch.
  12. Think about adopting a dog, its a great way to add some spice into the isolation.
  13. Garden, get some vegetables going.
  14. Bake.
  15. Make a mood board for your dream room of choice.
  16. Have a huge Spring clean.
  17. Take to time to read a long book, I hear War and Peace is a thrilling read.
  18. Wash your cars, make them shine.
  19. Get crafty, make jewelry, sell it online, get rich .
  20. Plan a trip around the world for when this is over.