Susan Garcia has been self-isolating due to coronavirus

Following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Monday 23rd March, a 72-year-old woman has described the challenges she has been facing due to coronavirus and how she will deal with spending three months in self-isolation.

“At risk” groups such as those over 70 and vulnerable people will find it harder to navigate their way through the new norm in the UK, as the government has advised that they should stay at home for at least 12 weeks, as they are the most at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Susan Garcia – a retired mental healthcare worker from North London – has shared what the government’s advice has meant for her, as she has been self-isolating to protect herself from coming into contact with anyone who may be carrying the virus. Mrs Garcia has been staying at home with her 66-year-old husband Barry, where they are using apps such as FaceTime and Whatsapp to keep in contact with their family and friends.


susan garcia, retired mental healthcare worker

Susan – who is a proud grandmother of 10 – revealed that during this time it is important to focus on your mental health, as she has been keeping herself busy by giving herself a structure to her day.

“When I get up the main thing I do is an hour’s yoga in the morning which helps me release the tension that I feel and keeps my mind and body healthy.” She also added that making phone calls, reading and sitting out in her garden has also helped her during her time in self-isolation.

Whilst Susan has been self-isolating, she has relied on the help of her daughter – who lives round the corner – to do her weekly shopping, as she adds that she is “definitely not” going out of the house to do any shopping herself over fears of contracting coronavirus.

Susan Garcia rarely goes out her front door.

Mrs Garcia believes that the government has made the “right decision” about choosing to put the UK on lockdown, as it was revealed that the total number of deaths due to coronavirus had risen to 335.

“Maybe it should’ve been a couple of days earlier, but it is the right decision however scary it may be. I just hope that everybody adheres to it.”

Boris Johnson has urged people over 70 to stay at home for up to 12 weeks

Susan also shared that she believes that the UK lockdown will “definitely” be in place for the next three months, but that things will never go back to normality as she believes that the coronavirus pandemic will be around for another nine months.

Having declared the pandemic a “national emergency”, Boris Johnson announced new measures which the government will immediately put in place, such as only leaving your home to buy essential items including food and medicine, taking one form of exercise a day and travelling to work if it is essential to do so.