The capital city remains silent after Boris Johnson’s announcement of a nation-wide lockdown.

A call for all restaurants, pubs and cafes alongside many other leisure centres to close down has been put into effect to slow down the spreading of the coronavirus.

Moor Park Underground Station

Use of public transport has been advised against with the TFL (Transport for London) asking for only essential journeys to be made. Up to 40 Underground stations have been shut down until further notice. Accordingly, congestion charges and low emission zones throughout Central London have been suspended to allow workers to drive in their own vehicles.

The Managing Director for London Underground, Andy Lord, has stated that they want services to continue for NHS staff and other key workers. About one third of London Underground’s own staff are either ill or have to self-isolate, making it difficult to run a full service.

“Our clear message to londoners is not to travel”.

Andy Lord – Managing Director of London Underground

All construction work on TFL and the Crossrail sites have been temporarily stopped to furhter reduce journeys. London Underground also revealed that data from this morning (26th March 2020) shows that Tube travel was down by another 13%.

As of the 24th March, the number of cases in London is over 2,400, making it the highest risk city in the UK. The borough of Lambeth has the highest confirmed cases.

The British Government are checking the daily figures of transport use with the use of the tube network being down by almost 50% and bus use down by almost 40%.

Despite less people using public transport, the Government could still enforce stricter measures in London due the virus’ quick advancment in the city.