On the 23rd of March, Boris Johnson announced stricter rules to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

One of the rules he stated was that people should leave home only to exercise once a day. That being said, along with the closure of all gyms across the UK, many are being forced to make considerable changes to their daily workout routines.

It’s not just the gym goers who are making changes, personal trainers are also doing their best to stay to engaged with their clients over this difficult period.

Kjartan Kelly, a personal trainer based in Cardiff, had this to say about how he’s trying to encourage his clients to stay active whilst at home.

Many personal trainers, Kjartan included, are taking to Instagram and Facebook to livestream daily workouts. The idea is that their followers tune into the livestream and follow along with the workout from their own home.

Olivia Celina Davies, a student from the University of Salford, also took to Facebook live alongside her mum to share their own workout from home.

Here is what Olivia had to say on why staying active is important mentally during such a difficult period:

Although, it’s not just adults in need to stay active, with the majority of children home from school, they too are missing out on exercise.

Joe Wicks, also known as the Body Coach, has taken to YouTube to livestream daily PE Lessons for kids: