NHS worker believes that staff could be in danger as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and lack of coronavirus testing issues a safety risk to NHS staff.

20-year-old, Imogen McDermott works as a Health Care Assistant (HCA) at Royal Bolton Hospital.

Royal Bolton Hospital

Since the corona outbreak, McDermott explains that “No medical checks have been carried out before shifts. They don’t check our temperature or ask if we have had any symptoms in the past 24 hours, which is scary because we are around vulnerable people.”

“No medical checks have been carried out before shifts.”
Imogen McDermott, health care assistant

NHS Staff Council Statement on Covid-19 ensured that staff would be kept safe and be supplied with essential equipment.

However, McDermott explains this is not the case.

When she arrived to start her shift, she was informed that a man on her ward ‘may have coronavirus’ but ‘is yet to be tested’.

She has not yet been fitted with an appropriate mask to protect her safety.

McDermott explained that she felt ‘at risk’ and ‘did not want to tend to the patient without necessary equipment’.

20-year-old Imogen McDermott, Health Care Assistant

She was told to ‘Just use any mask. It doesn’t matter’.

McDermott has become increasingly worried about the lack of equipment. “The government is telling us to self isolate if we have been in contact with anyone who may have coronavirus but we can’t. I’m scared of passing it on to my family..”

“I’m scared of passing it on to my family without even knowing.”
imogen McDermott, health care assistant

Yesterday, Health Secretary, Mr Hancock announced that the government had shipped 2.6 million masks over a 24-hour period.

The government has clearly responded to the needs of the NHS but the safety of the workers should not be compromised.