cuban doctors arriving in Milan

The Covid-19 spread has spared no country in the world, however, apart from China, where the virus originated, another country has been critically affected by this pandemic.

Italy has been one of the first countries to have been affected by the corona virus spread, and in the span of a month, it has become the most tragic case in the world.

With nearly 65,000 cases, and a mortality rate of 10% of the population, Italy has never seen such critical situation since the Second World War.

In comparison to China, Italy has recorded the same amount of deaths with only a third of ill people confirmed in the whole country.

On the 22nd of March, the Italian government has declared national lockdown, and laws have been put in place to keep an entire population in quarantine.

The most affected part of Italy, or red zone, has been the north, but especially the region of Lombardy, with nearly 30 thousand infected, and a daily deceased data of 600 people.

Medical and economic aids are being sent from all over the world, and hospitals are restoring and modifying halls and university rooms to make place for the Covid 19 patients or for the other patients that still need treatment.

From the day of the lockdown, things seem to be getting better, relatively, with a daily number of deceased that seems to slow down every minute; nevertheless, the numbers are still very high.

è lacrisi più difficile che l’italia ha dovuto affrontare dopo il secondo dopoguerra

it’s the hardest crisis that italy has gone through since the Second World War

giuseppe conte, premier.

However, in this time of mourning and panic, Italians have not lost their spirits: flash mobs are organised every day to keep morale up.

Videos of people signing from their balconies have become viral around the world, and have helped raise money to contain the situation and keep the research going.

Celebrities and public figures of Italy have been using social media to entertain the public and to allow the people to forget, even for a minute, about the current situation of lockdown.

Italy has surpassed china on the number of healthcare professionals that have contracted the virus, arriving to 4924, 9% of the entire infected population.