With schools closed to the majority of pupils to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus, parents across the country have been asked to become instant homeschoolers.

For many children this week is their first week that they will be doing thier school work at home. Many schools have work together to put all the work the children need online, for example many teachers are putting work  so students keep  to a timetable as best they can even though they are at home. The package take form in both online studies and links for a variety of activities including phonic based form for KS1 and  physical education for to all children with support from other proffesionals.

Children  are being support by many on line applications and tecaher import on virtal teaching sites to assist them in continuing their education throught these  recommended periods of staying at home. Parents are faced with the continued jobs of encouraging and supporting their children playing a much more supportive role within their education of previous years.

For some families these times ahead can be a great way of developing skills outside the main cirruculum and adapting core subjects for all abilities, which  enhance those childrens mental and social skills  who would otherwise struggle within the classroom setting.

Ms  Tracie Holmes  a SEN support  assistant  ,within a  main stream primary education setting within south Lincolnshire  said ” these times, will be challenging, children with specified needs may not be able to cope with these changes and could be a concern for some childrens mental well being , however as proffessionals we   should be looking for some positive for all children, and we can work together to adapt each lesson to enhance the abilities and support for these children and all, adapting a floating curriculm for homeschooling will not only be able to continue core subjects , it will help those at home teach more life skills and other social and emotional skills that all children need to develop. We have to remain positive in these times of darkness”.