Whilst Britain and other countries adapt to being stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, will pets also have to grow used to being locked inside?

Despite the weather forecasting sunshine for southern parts of the UK, Brits have been grounded to stay in their homes and only venture out if “absolutely necessary” following the latest Government instructions.

Following the closures of most parks and social venues, many are now concerned their furry friends will grow restless in the house if they are not taken out on walks.

“I can’t imagine the struggle of being in a city and walking my dog”

Mary O’Connor, dog owner

Kath Jones thinks her cavachon Nala will cope during the lockdown

Kath Jones is a dog walker from Llanarthney, South West Wales and says despite the government implementing restrictions she feels “lucky because we live in an area where there’s hardly anybody about”.  She added: “I have a garden so the dog can go out, but I’d feel very stressed if I lived in a flat and it had no garden, then I would be worried about the dog.”

Following the government’s announcement Mary O’Connor who is from the same rural part of Carmarthenshire has reduced the number of times she walks her Jack Russell terrier to once a day.

“If I do bump into anybody on the walks I’ll stay on the opposite side of the road, so I’ll keep my distance.”  Mary also said, “I can’t imagine the struggle of being in a city and having to walk my dog.”

Despite new restrictions making it harder for dog walkers to take their faithful companions on walks, Mary believes the government has taken “the right course of action and everyone should adhere to it”.

Mary O’Connor: A dog walker from Carmarthenshire

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a televised speech on 23rd March that people should only leave their homes for the reasons listed below:

  1. Shopping for necessities – as infrequently as possible
  2. Any medical need – e.g. to help a vulnerable person
  3. Travelling to and from work – only if you cannot work from home
  4. One form of exercise a day
Government guidelines

Under the latest government instructions, people can walk their dogs during their permitted period of exercise, which is limited to once a day.  The RSPCA is also advising dog walkers on the steps they should take: