A mental health nurse from Birmingham who wishes to remain anonymous is on the front line when it comes to COVID-19.

As a listed key worker, the 47-year-old must continue to go to work while the rest of the UK enters lockdown.

“we’re hoping we don’t become overwhelmed as an NHS”
 NHS mental health nurse


The nurse talks about how the NHS is coping and how staff feel.

However, many key workers such as NHS staff, police officers and teachers are in constant interaction with the public, some of whom may be carrying the virus. A major fear for many of these key workers are that they will pass it onto others.

NHS staff said the lack of protective gear was putting them at risk during the coronavirus outbreak.

Health secretary Matt Hancock said a million face masks had been bought and he was taking the issue “very seriously”.

The mother of three is back on the front line after 10 days of self isolation due to suspected coronavirus.

“There were loads of people who were suspected to have the virus at work so we all had to go into self isolation, I had a temperature of 38.5°C.”

After going back to work straight into a 13-hour shift she said: “It’s scary and nearly every ward has suspected or confirmed cases.

“We’re expecting in the next few weeks that we will hit our peak and we’re hoping we don’t become overwhelmed as an NHS.”

Many supermarkets have set up “golden hours” to help NHS workers buy essential supplies. This comes after weeks of panic buying that has left shelves empty.

Essential items such as toilet roll and hand soap are wiped out.

New measures put in place by Boris Johnson include: a ban on public gathering of more than two people; only one form of public exercise per day; and you can only go shopping for basic necessities such as food and medicine.

The Prime Minister will continue to give regular updates.