Kids staying busy during the outbreak

It is a pandemic that is effecting us all. Our lives have changed  drastically in such a small amount of time and trying to explain this to children can be very challenging.

With the UK in lockdown,  it is difficult for children to understand that they cannot go to school or see their friends without parents being seen as ‘cruel and ‘unfair.’

It is a tricky time for us all with and trying to cope with it ourselves as well as making sure our children are dealing with it is difficult. Children can often sense stress and anxiety within a home and therefore it is important for parents to stay as calm as they can during this period.

” We used incentive schemes to make this a positive thing in such a tricky situation”

Hannah Scott who is a mother of a two year old daughter explained how her child can sense that something is happening: “She knows there is something wrong. I think she can tell that I am not that relaxed and that has made her play up more than usual”

She is trying to keep her daughter occupied with different activities in order to ensure that there is a sense of routine:

Teacher assistant Lauren Downey describes the measures that her primary school in Nottingham are taking:


How to talk to children about the virus:

  1.  Model calmness about the virus- children can easily pick up on parents anxiety.
  2.  Reassure you children that they will be fine if they stick to the rules.
  3.  Make sure you keep talking to your children- shielding them from the news can make their anxieties worse.
  4.  Tailor your approach based on your child- think about whether more or less information is appropriate in keeping your child’s anxiety low.