For the past few weeks, there’s been one thing that has dominated the news, social media and of course, our minds- and this has even further become the case following Boris Johnson’s speech on Monday evening where the UK was essentially put into lockdown.

The Coronavirus, or as it is now more commonly referred to as Covid-19, has affected people all over the globe, with the UK now joining countries such as Italy and China by going into lockdown.

However despite this, the general public are doing all they can to keep themselves busy- in a large variety of ways- from learning a new skill, to putting up a shelf, or going for a walk. Many are enjoying the recent nice weather, as one member of the public highlighted:

“I’m loving being able to look at all the new spring growth!”

Photo by: Helena Shackleton
Many people are going for more walks out in the countryside.

Over the last couple of weeks many musicians, comedians and TV personalities have taken to social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook to hold live videos and performances, with the aim of providing a distraction and some happiness to those who watch. Live physical activities have also become extremely popular, most notably Fitness coach Joe Wicks’ week day morning workout, who’s online “PE lesson” attracted 1 million viewers on Monday.

Photo by: Jon Cornish
Joe Wicks’ first online “PE lessons” was watched by 1 million people

Due to the closure of schools and need to educate and entertain children, a large amount of videos aimed for younger years and school-like activities are available online. One parent commented on how many online opportunities there are to keep young children and toddlers in their routine: “We’ve just taken part in a live music and baby & toddler class that we’d usually attend at our local village hall.”


Photo by: Katie Lichfield
A variety of online programmes for children are available

A University student explained another way they were spending their time, by learning something new:

“”I’ve started learning basic sign language online to try and get a new skill out of all the disruption!”

As well as looking for keyworker jobs to help those more at risk:

“I’ve been looking to get a job in a food shop or working as an assistant with the NHS , so I can keep busy and also feeling like I’m contributing to the effort”

Many people are making the best of this unfortunate and unpredictable time to learn something new, complete a DIY project or simply take up a new hobby such as knitting, hiking or reading.


With the uncertainty of how long the lockdown will last, public reliance on Live videos, Tv and Radio, creative activities and physical exercise will no doubt become increasingly stronger.