As Spain’s coronavirus death toll continues to climb, the public are coming together to praise emergency workers.

The country first announced the nation-wide lockdown on 14th March, banning 46 million people from leaving their homes except when completely necessary.

A rooftop in Quart de Poblet, Valencia where people are playing instruments for their neighbours.

Despite this the public have been boosting morale by arranging daily gatherings at their windows and balconies, to applaud workers.

As well as this, they do daily renditions of Spanish hymns to pray for those who are unwell.

“I wanted to be able to help out in some way during this scary time”

Andrea del Pino, Student

Lidia Redondo, a 25-year-old design graduate from Valencia, spoke about how these meetings help her community.

“At this time we are all feeling very scared. Being locked inside can be very isolating and so singing together helps everyone to feel a bit less lonely I think.”


Pilar alegre, contracts administrator

People who own 3D printers have also found their own way to help out during this crisis, by creating visors for emergency workers to wear.

A visor made using a 3D printer to protect against the virus.

Andrea del Pino, an 18-year-old student from Mislata is one of those who has been taking part in making the visors from home:

“I wanted to be able to help out in some way during this scary time. By making these we can help police, doctors and workers to keep doing their jobs.”

Pilar Alegre returned from Spain on Wednesday, and noted some differences in how the countries were handling the lockdown:

Spain’s lockdown is currently expected to end on 11th April.