The rise of Coronavirus cases has resulted in a lot of businesses urging their employees to work from home however, this is not possible for all professions.

The staff at Beechvale Nursing Home have a duty to care for 38 residents, taking extra measures to protect them at all costs.

Beechvale staff making light of the sanitizing situation

New routines such as triaging staff before entry, extra hand washing and sanitizing and regular temperature readings have been introduced to minimize the risk of the virus entering the home.

NHS have published a video on how to correctly wash hands and the importance on it as seen below.

Alongside physical health the staff have recognized the importance of mental health for both the staff and residents in this tough time.

Staff are working as a team to build each other up, keep residents happy, and generally lighten the mood of the nursing home during the global pandemic.

New ideas such a Skype calls, dress up days and fun activities have been introduced to the home to keep morale high and ensure the residents are happy, even though they are unable to see family members.

Just to let you know it is possible to speak with your loved ones face to face via WhatsApp video call. Ring Karen or Susan at reception to organise the call (Mon-Fri excluding meal times) 😘

Posted by Beechvale Nursing Home on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A statement from Care UK, “We want to reassure you that, whilst we are doing our best to keep care home life as normal as possible for residents, we are continuing to assess the situation nationally and locally, and to put in place measures to reduce the risk of the virus inadvertently being brought into the home.”

Kathie Stevenson, Nurse Manager of Beechvale Nursing Home, highlighted some of the key issues they are facing in the nursing home and how they are overcoming them.

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