Commitee dance

Teasing and tassels, how Nottingham Trent students are stripping away their insecurities, one layer at a time in Burlesque.

We all have those times where we don’t like the view in the mirror. Those moments are typically kept to ourselves. For the Trent Tiger Lilies, those insecurities are out for the audience to see.

The Nottingham Trent University Burlesque society are certainly making a splash, with their sexy shows selling out.

The girls take a bow

“it’s just a really great community of girls coming together and appreciating each other”
Kelly Raubenheimer, Treasurer

Their shows consist of several dances that combine modern and traditional Burlesque dancing. Shows typically take 2 months of rehearsals to both choreograph, allocate and rehearse dances before they are ready for the stage.

Kelly Raubenheimer, Treasurer of the society, spoke about why Burlesque is important to her. “it’s just a really great community of girls coming together and appreciating each other.”

The show is full of cheeky routines- By gift of the gav

“All girls have insecurities and body issues, and I think coming to these classes and being part of Trent Tiger Lilies really helps you to feel empowered and makes you feel like you’re less alone” said Kelly.

As part of the committee, they’re well-being officers who lookout for those who may be shy or insecure and help them to reach their full potential. Kelly says “in the nature of what we do, we have to make everyone feel comfortable.”


The Burlesque society at Nottingham Trent university hold 3 shows a year.

There is a choice of strip or non-strip dances. (bra on or nipple tassels)

The society has two choreographers and hold three sessions a week for its members to learn different dances in preparation for the show.