Andrew Henley, Martin Findell, Lila Matsumoto, Sasha Garwood, Tony Garwood and Islay Lloyd join the picket line

Staff at the University of Nottingham have walked out for the second time in three months over pay, workloads and pensions.

The action is part of a 14-day strike where 74 universities are taking part across the UK.

Staff who are members of University and College Union are disappointed in the university’s inability to get “alongside them” in safeguarding their benefits.

Those on the picket line are also against the university’s handing out of casual working contracts, which do not give some staff the same rights as full time employed staff.

“The whole reason I am [striking] signifies the systematic inequalities in academia”
Sasha Garwood, Lecturer at University of Nottingham

Sasha Garwood, a lecturer in Foundation Arts and English, came on strike to protest against the casualisation of working contracts at the university.

She said; “I’m here today because a lot of my colleagues can’t be here because they are on casual contracts, meaning they have no rights to strike. The whole reason I am here signifies the systematic inequalities that exists within academia.

“It’s not fair that some our colleagues work in precarious and unhappy conditions and it’s worth giving up two weeks of pay [to strike]”

Students at the university, most of whom paying £9,250 per year, are also missing out on time in lectures.

A third year Music student at the university, who wanted to remain anonymous, said; “It’s annoying because we have work to do and it means they don’t respond to emails. You show up for classes and they just don’t. It’s also awkward walking past them with their flyers and banners.”

Reassuring the students who will be affected by cancelled sessions, striker Charlie Laughton who works in the Pharmacy department, said; “Staff hate having to do this, but they have to think of future generations.

“What I would say to students is that I know it’s hard for you in the short term, but this is what we have to do to secure university education of the future.”

Dates of the 14-day long strikes:

  • Thursday 20th and Friday 21st February
  • Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th February
  • Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th March
  • Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th & Friday 13th March

Dr Paul Greatrix, University Registrar at The University of Nottingham, said; “The University is open and we are doing everything possible to minimise disruption for our students.

“This is a national dispute affecting some 74 universities across the country and national talks have been continuing for some time. We encourage employer organisations and unions to continue to seek a resolution.”