Credit: Ben Rosser

Former police officer ditches the badge and goes grassroots to tackle gang culture in Nottingham.

The CEO and founder of the Pythian club: Ben Rosser leads boxing, music and art sessions to inspire young adults to strive for a better life.

Since 2015, Ben and the team have taken to the streets to find kids that are in trouble and get them into mentoring sessions that are used to mould them into role models and leaders.

“I believe in young people especially those young people that make mistakes”
ben rosser, ceo and founder of the pythian club

The club have been recognised with multiple community awards for their dedication to getting young people off streets and now their work has been celebrated across the city.


Members of the club say that the benefits of boxing are not just physical but mental too. “You need to be able to be aggressive and switch it off at the same time.” says Ben Davies.

3,659 Youth Members

4 Years Youth Growth

357 Inspiring Workshops