Training can be under a tree or on a roadside – wherever there is space and people willing to learn.

A Nottingham hairdresser has combined his passion for hair and volunteering to help give others a “start in life”.

Niall McNulty, 25, spends his free time travelling the world, through an international charity called Hair Aid, which trains people in poverty the skill of hair cutting.

Once the people are trained they can start their own Micro-business, earn money and support their families with freshwater, food, housing and education.

“Seeing the conditions most live in can be difficult but you feel blessed and your little issues and problems in life that used to matter stopped bothering post volunteering”, said Niall.

Niall McNulty, travels out to poor Asia to train people basic hair cutting skills (Image: Niall McNulty)

Training can be under a tree, on a road side or a park – wherever there is space and people willing to learn.

As part of the five day program, locals learn five basic cuts. They then graduate with their new skill and are gifted hair-cutting kits.

Niall says the people on the course are always very grateful.

“Honestly once you are there getting involved and learning from them about their lives and sharing your knowledge, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear about how determined and grateful the trainees are to have you there and are hanging off every word you say”.

To date, Hair Aid has trained more than 5,000 people.

In January, Niall visited people living in the Philippines who had no access to skilled training for haircuts.

“At first it was daunting, travelling there alone as the first UK volunteer but knowing the amount of people that are anticipating your arrival to teach them, takes any of those feelings away”.

He has also completed a second project with Hair Aid in Indonesia – working and managing a team of 22 volunteers across two countries, five locations and trained over 400 people right in the heart of their communities.

Niall McNulty (bottom) with people he has helped teach hairdressing through Hair Aid (Image credits: Niall McNulty)

“People have gone on to open their own salons.”


When not volunteering around the world, Niall manages YK Hair & Bauty in Bingham.

“I also travel around the UK teaching for the L’Oreal product division Matrix – I do have a passion for teaching and helping others,” he added.

“The whole point of the projects is to teach those less privileged and give them a chance to earn their own money”.

Niall says he wants to spread his knowledge and hopefully inspire others. He wants his future to be with HairAid to help develop the charity and it’s work to its full potential and spread the word with as much of the world as possible.

The global cut-a-thon @globalcutathon is world wide fundraising day which is Sunday 29th of March salons all over the world sign up and join together to raise money to support the work of hair aid.

“There are community cuts in which volunteers offer free haircuts within the organisation, in need, in their own community. Do your bit to make this world a better place”.

His next trip destination is Thailand.