A Nottingham-based charity is appealing for old shoes to help an estimated 4.5 million children who are living in families too poor to provide them footwear.

Shoe Aid, which has its headquarters in the city, is a UK charity which supplies free footwear through a collection and distribution network.

In the UK there are currently 4.5 million children living in poverty and almost 500,000 people who are homeless and in need of shoes.

Shoe Aid’s mission is to give free footwear from the two million shoes which end up in landfill every week to help those in need.

Andy Hughes, Shoe Aid PR and Communications, said: “Giving to charity is more fulfilling than financial rewards. I do it because I can see the benefit and the smiles on people’s faces.”

Video: Andy Hughes sharing an anecdote of how donating shoes can impact others. 

The charity, which launched ten years ago, has received support from many celebrities including Eddie Kidd, OBE, who decided to donate the trainers he used whilst preparing for the London Marathon.


Picture: Eddie Kidd making a special appearance at the event.

The former stunt rider, who uses a wheelchair after a devastating accident in 1996, used a special adapted walking frame to complete the marathon over a period of 50 days.

“Donating a pair of shoes can save a life”
Lee Todd, Shoe Aid ceo

To date, Shoe Aid has donated over 10,000 shoes to homeless charities across the UK and educated more than 25,000 pupils in more than 100 schools on the importance of recycling and re-purposing footwear.

Lee Todd, Founder and CEO of Shoe Aid, said; “We hope to be known across the UK within the next twenty-four months [because] donating a pair of shoes can save a life.”

If you know of a person or group that you think would benefit from a donation of shoes then you can contact Shoe Aid by ringing 07947 686333 or by clicking on the links below:

Shoe Aid Website

Shoe Aid Facebook Page

Shoe Aid Twitter Page