A Nottingham bar says women’s rugby is not as popular as men’s because the standard of competition is not as hard.

The Southbank Bar in Nottingham city centre showed the Six Nations games on February 1st and 2nd. However it had only one booking for the women’s game.

A spokesperson said: “It’s not as popular as the men’s because the standard of competition isn’t as high and it hasn’t got the same level of exposure. We believe that more TV awareness and promotion would help it grow.”

“”We try to give women’s games the same coverage as anything else and have and always will show it when its televised

Horn in hand 

World rugby has rebranded its men’s and women’s World Cups in an effort to achieve gender neutrality in the sport.

The Horn in Hand on Goldsmith Street is taking the same initiative and is showing the same amount of women’s sports as it does men’s on TV.

The pub was offering a free Guinness to anyone who watched in the pub: “We try to give women’s games the same coverage as anything else and have and always will show it when it’s televised.

“The next step is to team up with local leagues and teams and continuing to obtain viewers through social media marketing”.

Francesca Jordan has been capped for England and believes the sport has far to go to achieve gender equality.

She believes publicity is the problem but also could be the answer. “Publicity brings money, you don’t pay for women’s games, the rare occasion you do pay it’s very little even for international and premiership games.

“More should be done with publicity if people knew where the games are and when they might go, and realise that the game is the same as the men’s and just as fun to watch.”

When asked if she thought the sport was sexist she replied: “Massively! Every women’s team will have this issue, first team pitch, kit, first team changing rooms, not playing at their grounds such as Saracens or Harlequins.”

Ex- England rugby Player Francesca Jordan

England’s strong opening suggested they might be in for a comfortable time, along the lines of their 41-26 win in Doncaster in the 2019 edition of the Six Nations.

The women have secured a comfortable spot at the top of the league table so far, performing better than the England men’s team, so why is it we know more about the men’s results than the women’s ?

Womens 2020
The 2020 England team (picture Sky News)

Nottingham Trent Women’s Rugby club think people have preconceived ideas about female rugby players. “People believe women aren’t as ‘tough’ as men so the dynamics of the sport is slowed down. This concept has caused us to not have as much coverage as men.”

NTU women’s rugby believe the media should cover more women’s rugby and should be promoted more through sports brands.

A spokesperson said more should be done to encourage young girls to play: “We need to show girls it’s okay to be interested in a male-dominated sport.”