The new dolls are going to include Barbies with no hair, a skin condition, a gold prosthetic limb and a Ken doll with long hair and one with red hair.

Credit: Mattel Ltd

Barbie introduced ‘Barbie Fashionistas’ five years ago to be diverse and inclusive, this is to inspire girls to tell more stories and find a doll they can connect with.

The new dolls released are:

  1. A doll with no hair
    This is to reflect hair trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk, as well as to get girls to feel reflected in the line if they have experienced hair loss.
  2. A doll with a gold prosthetic limb
    In 2019 Barbie collaborated with 12 year old Jordan Reeves who wanted to help kids with disabilities be represented. This year Barbie has expanded this idea with this doll.
  3. A doll with Vitiligo
    This doll is the main one in the line and was made to allow kids to play out more stories they see in the world around them. Mattel worked with a dermatologist to ensure that Vitilligo was represented accurately.
  4. Ken with long hair 
    This has rooted locks and strays from the traditional look

Barbie are proud of their brand and states that their product is

“The most diverse doll in the market”
Scarlett Ward, mattel

Over half the dolls sold last year were diverse dolls. Seven of the top ten best sellers were diverse dolls including a Barbie that uses a wheelchair, this was validated by Nottingham toy store, The Entertainer‘s Supervisor Gareth.


As this is a recent release The Entertainment head office said that they are

“unable to tell you if we would be stocking these yet sadly”
Holly Wye, Social and content assistant for the Entertainer 

The public has their say on it.

The Vitiligo doll is said to be available in Spring, and the doll with no hair and doll with a prosthetic limb will be available for purchase later this year from all retailers.

Barbie facts:

  • Barbie sales grew by 7% in 2019
  • Barbie launched in 1959
  • More than 100 dolls are sold every minute
  • Every year 58 million dolls are sold