Pin back your ears – Nottingham has formed a Tuneless Choir for those who want to sing but ‘can’t necessarily hold a tune’.

A woman who was told to stop singing when she was a child because she was not good enough has set up a public choir for other tone deaf people.

Nadine Cooper avoided singing in public for years after her school music teacher told her she was spoiling it for everyone else.

Ms Cooper was inspired to set up the Tuneless Choir in 2016, for those who lack in confidence and need more practice.

There are now more than 32 Tuneless choirs around the country.

Ms Cooper said she is glad that people feel so strongly about it that they feel they want to set up their own.

Nadine Cooper, left, Bernie Bracha, Right

The choir leader Bernie Bracha said: “The experience is unique. We sing purely for the pleasure of it – with no pressure to improve – and simply aim for everyone to leave us feeling energised and uplifted.

“Research tells us that singing in groups brings physical, emotional and social benefits, and so we believe everyone has a right to sing.”


al bishop, member of tuneless choir

“After some silly warm-ups to get people relaxed we went straight into ABBA’s Mamma Mia!

“It went down so well, the atmosphere was electric, seeing people singing like no one is listening and even having a bit of wiggle.”

Other songs included The Beatles’ Help!, Tom Jones’ Delilah, Doris Day’s Que Sera Sera and The Monkees’ I’m a Believer – the session ending The Mamas and the Papas California Dreamin’.

“All inhibitions lost, big smiles on everyone’s faces and lots of laughter when it went a little wrong in places,” said Mrs Addis.

“It was great to see people walking out of the church on a high. The feedback has been incredible, with some saying they had been waiting years for something like this.

“One member even said: ‘Singing helped my breathing pattern and my asthma.’”

The Tuneless Choir

The Nottingham City Choir meets every Wednesday at 12.10 at the St Andrew’s with Castlegate United Reformed Church. If you’ve time, you can the stick around for a tea or coffee and a natter at the end of session.

Each session costs £5, payable in cash or by card at the door.  No booking required.

For more information call Nadine on 0797 934 4634 or email, visit the Facebook page or go to