Six Barrel Drafthouse in Hockley

Pubs in Nottingham city centre are allowing the homeless to use their building’s addresses when registering to vote for the upcoming general election.

Ezra Watson, manager of The Six Barrel Drafthouse in Hockley, wanted to get involved after seeing a Facebook post showing a bar in Bristol doing the same.

He has been printing out registration forms and offering advice to anyone who has questions about the election on December 12.

He said: “We always try and help out anyone we see in need on the streets [and] just saw it as an opportunity to give them even more basic human rights”.

Big Issue Vendor Phil asked for his face to be blurred with his companion

According to the Electoral Commission website, ‘If you don’t have a permanent home then you can register at an address where you spend a substantial part of your time’ which also includes shelters and hospitals.

“Why should someone less well-off not have this opportunity?”
Chelsea Taylor, Grass-fields Customer Executive

Audio: Chelsea Taylor’s message to the public on homelessness.

After seeing the online post herself, 21-year-old, Chelsea Taylor created posters and flyers to advertise the pubs providing the service, including Jamcafé and the Angel microbrewery.

Chelsea Taylor with her poster

She said: “People fought for the right to vote so why should someone less well-off not have this opportunity?”

Since the election was called, at the end of October, over three million people have signed up to vote.

Phil, a Big Issue Vendor, who has been homeless for over twenty-six years said: “I’ve got mine. If it was up to me, it would be mandatory for every person to vote”.

Voting closes at 11.59pm on November 26.

If you see anyone on the streets then consider contacting one of the following:

Framework – 0115 841 7711
> Houses and supports people who are homeless.

Emmanuel House – 0115 950 7140
> Runs the Nottingham Night Shelter and Winter Shelter which provides a place to sleep with hot food and drinks.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service – 0115 967 0880
> Offers their stations located on London Road, Carlton and Highfields in Beeston as a place for those sleeping rough.

Sharewear – 07724 118 666
> Provides high quality clothing, shoes, bedding and bath towels free of charge to people in need.

British Red Cross – 0344 871 1111
> Puts on a ‘sit-up service’ in partnership with Nottingham City Council for the homeless to go to stay safe and keep warm when temperatures fall below zero.