Nottingham stands with Hong Kong

Hong Kong citizens and international students gathered as a symbol of unity for the protest in Hong Kong on Saturday, November 2.

Rallies were held around the council building in Old Market Square to show support for the on-going Anti-Totalitarianism Demonstration in Hong Kong.

At least 150 people took part in the demonstration with the chant “Stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom” ringing around the streets.

In a show of support, people wore yellow safety helmets and face masks echoing the demonstrators abroad. Yellow umbrellas were also displayed to remember the Umbrella Revolution on 2014 which still leaves a psychological shadow on HongKongers’ hearts.

HongKongers sticking flyers on the floor for passerby to read

One of the organisers from the demonstration, who wished to remain anonymous, said:”We, as HongKongers, are here to raise awareness and fight for the democracy and high degree of autonomy that Chinese government has promised us in the Sino-British joint declaration.

Hong Kong is at its darkest age right now and we really needs the world to stand with us.”

UK activist giving encouragement for Hong Kong protest  

On Friday, students from Hong Kong held a vigil at the Brian Clough Statue to commemorate a student, Chow, who died from injuries after failing from a a car park during anti-government protests in the city on the Sunday.

Around 50 students from both of Nottingham’s universities joined hands to pay respects to Chow. Candles were lit and flowers were brought to commemorate Chow’s life.

Commemorate for Chow’s death with flowers and candles

Mr Smith, a lecturer at Ling Nan University Hong Kong, who was involved in the Umbrella Revolution in 2014 said:”The rallies which are happening in cities across the England are absolutely beautiful and it gives positive impacts on both HongKongers and UK citizens. Awareness has been raised and violence has not been involved.”

“Carry on the fight and don’t give up. It’s important to show our desires for democracy and freedom.”

David Lloyd Smith, lecturer at LingNan University Kong Kong.

HongKongers’ five demands:

Full withdrawal of the extradition bill

2 A commission of inquiry into alleged police brutality

3 Retracting the classification of protesters as “rioters”

4 Amnesty for arrested protesters

5 Dual universal suffrage, meaning for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive