For thirty years, the Midlands Air Ambulance has undertaken 54,000 potentially life saving missions, an average of six missions per day.

Not known to many, the Midlands Air Ambulance  (MAAC) is charity solely run on donations without the aid of the Government or National Lottery.

The service’s bases are strategically placed in Staffordshire (Tatenhill), Shropshire (RAF Cosford) and Worecestershire (Strensham) so they are able to reach six Midland counties all within a minimal time of eight minutes.


“A few minutes can be the difference between life or death”
Pete Edwards, Critical Care Paramedic

Pete Edwards, Critical care paramedic for MAAC, explains how time can be the crucial factor for attending critically injured people:

For some families, the Air Ambulance has saved loved ones. Julia Smith, mother to Harry Smith, who had an air ambulance called out to him when he suffered a respiratory cardiac arrest at home, describes importance of the charity in the video below.


It costs nine million pounds for the MAAC to remain operational and this is all funded by the donations they receive.

Pete Edwards said: “Every little helps for sure, just last year the charity tins that people put spare change in raised over £350,000 which was enough to fuel all three air crafts for the year.

“So all those little pennies added up, makes a huge difference.”

Julia Smith added: “It’s imperative that we keep the air ambulance afloat. Whether that’s through small donations, fundraisers or anything.

“Because you’ll never know when your family will need it.”

The charity started in 1991

Each Air Ambulance mission costs on average of £2,500

Each cardiac car or critical car mission costs on average £224

The busiest time of the day is 12:00pm