Students at the Mansfield Hustings.

The Nottingham Post and Nottingham Trent University has partnered together for one of the first live election debates of the General Election 2019 in the city.

Students were given the opportunity to work alongside their tutors, who are all industry professionals, to enhance their skills in the television gallery and studio.

“This election came along and gave us both the perfect vehicle to use that strong partnership we already had”
-Gail Mellors, Course Leader Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism

NTU has one of the most well-equipped student newsrooms and TV studios in the country in its bespoke Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism (CBJ).

The facilities are used by students on its Broadcast Journalism degree course, which is accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, for their weekly newsdays which form the basis of their industry experience.

The series of live hustings debates, broadcast from CBJ, has given first, second and third years the opportunity to work together and use their skills to produce a live broadcast, streamed across Facebook.

The Nottingham Post had previously provided similar coverage on its Facebook page but wanted a more professional broadcast and access to good quality facilities.

The partnership, which reached more than 11,000 viewers, represents a first for the paper’s owners Reachplc.

Natalie Newport, a third year students on the Broadcast Journalism course, took part in the project.

She said: “This is a real life experience, I’m building my CV as well as learning”.

She helped the team construct a script that she later put into Q-News – a software that puts the show together.

The Mansfield hustings has been one five broadcasts undertaken by staff and students at the centre.

The Nottingham Post is now exploring other opportunities for future collaborations with NTU.