Pictured: Teens assembled ready to ask Broxtowe candidates questions.

…but most of them aren’t old enough to vote! More than 200 students aged 14-19 from schools in the Broxtowe constituency attended a general election hustings at Bramcote College.

They say you should never work with children or animals, but the candidates still answered questions in front of a tough crowd.

In attendance was Kat Boettge from the Green Party, Darren Henry from the Conservative Party, Greg Marshall from the Labour Party and Anna Soubry now of the Independent Group for Change, formerly MP for Broxtowe with the Conservative Party.

The hustings, organised by The White Hills Park Trust, aimed to educate the young audience about politics and show who could potentially represent them in the local area after the general election on Thursday 12th December 2019.

“I wanted to make sure I’m fully informed in case the voting age is ever brought down to 16-years-old”
Freya Gooding, 15.

However, the majority of students in attendance weren’t old enough to vote. 16-year-old student Lizzy Gardiner said “I wanted to see the candidates answer questions on the topics that matter to us, rather than fighting between themselves like they do on TV”.

Listen: Student Lizzy Gardiner wants politicians to do more to appeal to a young audience.

16-year-old Nathan Miller, from Bramcote College, attended because he wanted to make sure he was aware of different party politics in case there is another election in the near future.

15-year-old Freya Gooding said “I wanted to attend to make sure I’m fully informed in case the voting age is ever brought down to 16 years old”.

Former Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry stressed the importance of politicians listening to younger voices, whilst Labour Party candidate Greg Marshall said the biggest issues in society today directly affect young people.

Watch: Anna Soubry and Greg Marshall discuss the importance of engaging young people in politics. 

The hustings were organised after Executive Principal of The White Hill Park Trust, Paul Heery, noticed that students were becoming increasingly interested in politics.

-More than 3 million people have registered to vote since the general election was called on 31st October 2019.
-Figures show total registrations in 2019 are up 38% compared to a similar period before the 2017 election.
-72% of these applications were made by people aged 34 or under.
Source: GOV UK