Linden Lodge, where Josh Wing was treated for GBS

Nottingham Trent University’s student radio station, Fly FM, raised over £1500 for former student, who was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, back in November 2017.

The event called “Winging It For Josh” saw students double the distance set for the bike-ride, as well earn three times the amount of money, that was originally aimed for.

Josh Wing, 21, Barlock Road, Basford, contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome, just 4 months after graduating with a Broadcast Journalism degree, at Nottingham Trent University.

The illness causes numbness and muscle fatigue, and if symptoms get worse, can cause difficulties in moving, walking and even breathing.

“We wanted something hard and challenging for us”
Kerrie Coshan, Fly FM Member and Organiser

Mr Wing spent his recovery stages at Linden Lodge, the neuro-rehabilitation centre at Nottingham University Hospital.

Susan Littlemore from the Nottingham University Hospital Charity claims that Linden Lodge provides a “whole-person approach” to rehabilitation.

Susan Littlemore, from Nottingham University Hospital Charity.

“It’s focus is to help rehabilitate from a range of illnesses and injuries”

“You need support to get your physical rehab and condition back. It looks at helping them get mobile and helping them to get their motivation back”.

Josh Wing’s former student radio station, Fly FM, helped put together a charity bike-ride, which saw students cycle from Josh’s two favourite football teams, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund, in Germany.

The distance of 411 miles was set to be completed within 24 hours. But, after that target was completed within 12 hours, the aim shifted, to get back to the Emirates Stadium.

Fly FM Member and organiser of the event, Kerrie Coshan, said that the Fly FM team had exceeded expectations.

“We wanted to do something hard and challenging for us, but something we could achieve”

“Never thought we’d achieve what we did. On paper, 411 miles seem like a lot, but to do it in 12 hours and 6 minutes, is absolutely crazy.”

Fly FM are nearing £1500 in donations towards Linden Lodge, with the Just Giving Page still available to donate here.