Part of a £250 million investment.
Demolition is underway at the Broadmarsh car-park.

The Broadmarsh re-generation scheme has been labelled as the “biggest city centre redevelopment in the country” as Nottingham City Council expects 3000 new jobs to be created.

Demolition to the Broadmarsh Car-Park has already begun, as part of a full-scale regeneration project.

Nottingham City Council has estimated the project will cost £250 million and would take 3-4 years to complete.

Measures have been made to reduce congestion in the city centre, with barriers and roadworks blocking access to main transport routes.

David Astill, Commercial Manager at Nottingham City Transport said that the biggest issue was “the removal of one of the lanes on Canal Street” and that at “peak times, that can affect traffic flow around Broadmarsh”

David Astill, Commercial Manager at Nottingham City, Transport

“The pedestrianisation of Collins Street is significant. Key to all this is maintaining bus priority in Nottingham City Centre. We see buses in Nottingham being a door to door service.”

The demolition itself will take 6 months, with the re-development allowing buses to move more easily through the area, with better links to other destinations.

The council are conscious of traffic disruption and are set complete the demolition in phases.

Architecture company Leonard Design, has been tasked to design aspects of the regeneration, including a new building for the old car-park site.

“This is a real opportunity to put Nottingham back on the map”
Fergus Slade, Nottingham City Council

Director of Leonard Design, John Morgan said this is a “landmark project at the Southern Gateway of the city” and that they are “well suited to the project”.

“We’re seeing an increase in work locally and internationally, employing more staff within the city”

“Our practice is privileged to work over the world, projects in Copenhagen, Warsaw and Berlin, and to be able to bring all the global thinking knowledge, to a project on our doorstep, it’s a huge honour for us to do.”

What are the plans?

  • Redevelopment of the shopping centre (intu Broadmarsh) to create a modern destination for customers to shop, eat, relax and socialise throughout the day and evening, including a new cinema
  • The demolishing and rebuilding of Broadmarsh Car Park and Bus Station to modernise parking facilities, the bus station and create new cafés and retail opportunities which spill out onto Collin Street and Carrington Street
  • The pedestrianisation of (upper) Carrington Street and Canal Street between the new with reduced traffic and a more welcoming space to the city

Roads such as Collins Street and Canal Street will be pedestrianised, linking this part of the city to Nottingham Castle, which will be transformed into a world-class destination, hosting 400,000 visitors a year.

A new flagship Skills Hub for New College Nottingham and Central College Nottingham will also be built. The hub will serve nearly 200,000 students and will be completed by 2020.

As part of the development, Nottingham City Council has partnered with intu, who owns the Broadmarsh Centre, to make Nottingham a top 5 retail destination in the country.

Communications and Marketing Manager for Development and Growth at Nottingham City Council, Fergus Slade claims that the “development has been needed for years.”

Audio: Fergus Slade, Communications and Marketing Manager, Nottingham City Council

“Broadmarsh has seen better days, this is a real opportunity to put Nottingham back on the map”

“We’re working with intu, to put forward a proposal that brings money back to the economy and has a tangible benefit for the rest of the city.”